My massage sessions with Ulrike are always wonderfully relaxing and healing. With her adept touch and calming energy, she skillfully soothes my entire being - body, mind and soul - leaving me feeling completely rejuvenated and rebalanced. I am already looking forward to my next visit. - Cory 

I went through the shock of experiencing a recurrence of breast cancer and everything in my world seemed so scary and unstable. During this time, I had the opportunity of receiving a massage with Ulrike. I can't describe enough what a comforting experience that was for my soul and body. For my soul, she provided a sanctuary, a safe and nurturing place when everything outside was so threatening. To my body, which was going through so much pain and stress, the gentle massage I received from her was the loving and healing touch that it longed for so much. I am very grateful having received her nurturing massage when my body and soul needed it most. - Rosa 

For over three decades, I have been teaching, practicing, and receiving a whole range of specialized bodywork and massages. My body really knows what it wants and I was truly impressed with Ulrike's special gift of touch. In a totally professional setting she combines intuition and technical skills in perfect balance. I felt wonderful! I highly recommend her services. - Maryse

Ulrike has a professional presence about her that allowed me to give myself over to her hands in a healing way. - Marg 

I have been going to the Healing Den for massage it has been wonderful for my wellbeing physically and mentally. Highly recommend Ulrike. She delivers the best massage I have ever had. - Marie

I am so impressed with this community and I wanted to do a shout out. Ulrike has worked with me after a major surgery with different massage techniques to ensure lymphatic drainage and she really helped in my recovery. I feel so blessed to have her in our community. - Sookie

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